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SQLyog is a MySQL administration device for database administrators, database architects, and builders. It is likewise known as a graphical user interface tool which can manage MySQL databases. The computer application can run on all Windows computers strolling Windows Vista/2008 or more recent as well as Windows Server Systems released on or after 2008. You can use this in tandem with MySQL servers four.1 or higher and on all MariaDB servers. With SQLyog, you may create, drop, or adjust tables, saved techniques, features, views, triggers, and events with the protection of its integrated HTTP and SSH Tunneling.

Starting SQLyog

The first time you launch SQLyog on your PC a pop-up window will seem, permitting you to connect to your MySQL server. You can pick out considered one of 4 connectivity options: Direct connection, SSH Tunneling, HTTP Tunneling, HTTPS Tunneling, and SSL Encryption. Note that these depend on your choice and do now not have an impact on the layout of your MySQL Server/s. Another vital step to take when establishing SQLyog is to create an example of your database connection. To try this, you need to pick out New on the connection manager conversation box.

New method growing a new connection. By default, SQLyog will create an instance with commonplace values which include localhost or root. You can change this by way of typing a new connection call in the textbox. The connection call can be changed each time as it’s far handiest used by SQLyog internally. It also means it does now not have an impact at the names or connections in MySQL. In addition to renaming the relationship, you could store the modifications or delete the connection completely.

Using Query Builder

SQLyog foremost draw is the GUI Query Builder, a TAB inside the SQL editor region of this system. The Query Builder is chosen by way of clicking on the addition or + icon on the question editor line. A pop-up menu will appear with 4 options including New Query Builder. One Query Builder TAB consists of three sections: a canvas, a grid region, and a read-best editor location. Between each region is a divider that can be moved, permitting you to modify the panels consistent with the dimensions of the queries.

Creating a query is straightforward because it only calls for that you use your mouse. With it, you may drag tables from the Object Browser onto the canvas. You can then set up and resize them in keeping with your choice. During this method, you can see some lines forming among two tables. This manner the Foreign Keys are defined among the tables and that an SQL JOIN is to be had. You can right click on on the line to outline the JOIN homes or to put off it.

Important device for MySQL customers

As a web developer using PHP and MySQL, SQLyog is vital for retaining a very good the front stop gadget. It shows all the gear you need in dealing with your database so that you can without difficulty pick it when wished. The integration of the mouse is likewise an vital characteristic because it allows you to quickly navigate in the course of this system. Altogether, this database management tool is a appropriate program for each new and skilled MySQL directors

License : Free
Developer: http://www.webyog.com

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