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WinToHDD v5.4 R1 + ActivatorWinToHDD v5.4 R1

Using the handy and useful WinToHDD program, you can install Windows or reinstall Windows without the need for a CD/DVD or USB drive. All-in-One Windows Setup software makes it easy to reinstall Windows, to install Windows on a disk other than the one where Windows is installed, or to clone a current Windows OS installation (Windows Vista and later) to another disk. Wafiapps


Using Windows should not be difficult for users with basic computer knowledge, especially if they have the right tools available. In addition to creating a bootable USB drive that contains all the OS setup files, you can also use an application like WinToHDD. It helps you reinstall Windows without using a disc and without having to create a bootable USB drive.
Reinstall, clone or install Windows
It has a simple, engaging interface that only contains three buttons: one to re-install the OS on the local workstation, one to create a new Windows installation on a second storage device (hard drive), and the third to create an exact copy of the local system.
With WinToHDD, you can not only deploy Windows, but also make a copy of the Windows setup files and save them to another disk.
Create a WinPE image by following these simple steps

From here on, pressing a few ‘Next’ buttons is all you need to do to complete the task. The source ISO file containing the Windows setup files must be selected as expected. Data about the operating system and its architecture are automatically retrieved from the disk image by WinToHDD.
The next step is to select the partition where Windows will be installed and the installation mode. In addition to the Legacy option, there are the VHD and VHDX options.
Whether you choose to install, reinstall, or clone Windows, WinToHDD will take some time to create the WinPE image that is needed.
Windows can be installed without discs or bootable drives
Some people deploy Windows by booting from a CD, while others prefer having a bootable USB drive on hand and not keeping the Windows disk image on the computer to occupy storage space. Using WinToHDD, you can easily install or clone Windows without a CD-ROM or bootable drive. As easy as it is to use and shouldn’t pose any problems for an average user, this alternative will surely find a public.

Technical Setup Details And System Requirments

File Name: WinToHDD v5.4 R1
File Installation Name: WinToHDD v5.4 R1 + Activator
Setup Size: 10.02 MB
Ram: 2 GB RAM
HDD: 300 MB Space For Installation
Compatibility: 32-Bit/64-Bit
Language: English
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10 download

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