iPhone Data Recovery Software or Traditional Recovery Methods?

iPhone Data Recovery Software or Traditional Recovery Methods?

Apple Inc. did its best to develop one of the best mobile operating systems among today’s technological solutions. Its major versions of iOs are verily considered top-notch quality products. However, even this sought-after purchase does not have sufficient immune to withstand various bugs and defects. And, loss of data is truly a frustrating and common occurrence within many users. Fortunately, today, iOs developers make advances with clients to help recover data. But, unfortunately, you won’t use all their variants if you don’t have any backups.


Are you having trouble with the loss of photos or vital videos from your gadget? Do not write it off as lost and most importantly do not waste a pot of money on recovery experts. First, you can rely on this guide to recover photos from an iPhone or try to jump into the following tips allowing users even to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.


Recover Your Lost Files Using iTunes


As of now, there are three methods to proceed with the data recovery for iPhone painlessly. With them, one can restore messages from an iPhone, or photos dear to one’s heart. If you desperately need them back, try all three variants to find the golden mean for future collapse.


The first one involves iTunes, a media player designated solely for the users of Apple’s production. You can choose this solution only if you have previously selected it for backup. It is done through a PC by using a USB cable. A person opens this media player and allows a system to spot the device and start creating a rollback point. Thus, to recover the necessary files, one should:


  1. Connect iPhone to PC;
  2. Launch iTunes and select the Overview tab;
  3. Find the previously backup/created copy and click on it to restore;
  4. Restart device (it will be done automatically);
  5. Customizing wizard will be launched, and one should configure the parameters.


As per statistics, this iOs data recovery method is considered 50% efficient.


Recover Data With iCloud


Most of the users tend to prefer iCloud backup. However, everyone knows about its safety factor and reliability in terms of hacking. But, regarding the recovery, it is more convenient because one does not need a connection to the PC. The only requirement is your device and the Internet. Before starting a recovery, check your storage, it should have a minimum of 5 GB of free space.


  1. Save existing data;
  2. Reset to factory settings;
  3. Select recovery from iCloud in your Settings;
  4. Click to restore and agree on the conditions;


Regularly, it is quite an effective method to recover deleted photos messages on iPhone because iCloud daily backups data.


Recover Photos and Text Messages With Software



Finally, one of the best methods is the iPhone data recovery software. One will need it only in case he has not done backups with any of the above-mentioned options. Note, this method is not focused on rollbacks but on media scanning only.


  1. Download software, for instance, Disk Drill;
  2. Launch it;
  3. Connect the device to the PC via USB;
  4. Select the storage and initiate scanning;
  5. After a while, a scanning will show deleted or lost files;
  6. One has to select what file or folder to restore.


This variant is very useful for people who might find it interesting to come across the files mistakenly deleted. So, it will bring even more benefits. The variety of such software range drastically, there are free and paid products. But most have a free trial in case of paid soft.


Choose your solution, and recover everything you thought is gone forever.


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