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SSD Fresh – Make your SSD last longer by extending its life. With SSD Fresh, your Windows system is optimized to use SSDs. With SSD Fresh, the number of read and write operations is reduced, thereby increasing the lifespan of your hard drive. Disabling unnecessary services also increases the performance of the system. You can also free download Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2022 11.0.32870 Full

Increase the lifetime of your SSD drive

View drive information
Find out who makes your drive and what it does. Using SSD Fresh, you can view general information about your hard drives. For example, you can see how much space is already occupied and the storage capacity.

View S.M.A.R.T. data
SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is used to monitor hard drives in the modern day. This technology analyzes a disk and detects errors before data is lost. Results of this analysis are displayed within SSD Fresh.

Disable Windows defragmentation
SSDs have equal access times, so they do not need to be stored coherently. Furthermore, defragmentation increases write hits, which decreases the SSD’s lifespan. Deactivating the defragmentation process, therefore, is highly recommended.

Timestamp deactivation
Each time a file is accessed, Windows stores the access time. If you do this, you will produce unnecessary write hits and reduce the lifespan of your SSD. It is highly recommended that you disable this feature.

Prefetch off
Prefetch allows applications to be preloaded into RAM when they are frequently used. Due to SSD’s fast access time, this function is useless and can be disabled.

Disabling the defragmentation of boot files
Defragmenting boot files makes no sense on SSDs as they store files in a way that makes no sense to defragment. You should disable defragmenting of boot files as it reduces the lifespan of your SSD.

Deactivation of the Windows event logging
A permanent record of system configuration changes is kept by Windows, along with crashes and other events from a variety of services and programs. As a result, your SSD will have fewer write accesses and will last less time.

Storing short name off
Windows creates short file names for compatibility with old 16-bit DOS applications, resulting in more write accesses to your SSD. As a result, they can be disabled because they are not needed by current applications.

Technical Setup Details And System Requirments

File Name: Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2022
File Installation Name: Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2022 11.01.32956 Full + Portable
Setup Size: 12.05 MB
Ram: 512 MB RAM
HDD: 200 MB For Installation
Compatibility: 32-Bit/64-Bit
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10
Developer: https://www.abelssoft.de/en/windows/system-utilities/ssd-fresh

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