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The new Windows 11 desktop interface and Start menu are very similar to those found in Windows 10X. Microsoft was working on simplifying Windows for dual-screen devices before abandoning the effort. Along the taskbar, you’ll notice the most noticeable changes visually. In addition to centered app icons, Microsoft has cleaned up the tray area and added a new Start button and menu here. You can also download Windows 11 X64 Pro Activated + Office 2016 Free

Removed Metro Apps

Alarms & Clock
Calendar & Mail
Desktop App Installer
Films and TV
Feedback Hub
Get Help
Groove Music
obile Plans
My Office
Office OneNote
Paint 3D
Print 3D
Skype App
Sticky Notes
Voice Recorder
Web Media Extensions
3rd Party Apps Links

Components Removed

Windows Defender
Windows Store
Internet Explorer
System Restore
Mixed Reality
Parental control
Match Recognizer
AAD Broker Plugin
Telemetry Packages
Desktop File Explorer
People Experience Host
All languages except en, ru
Handwriting input
Windows Hello
Media Player
Geo Location
Adobe Flash
Hello Face
WiFi sense


Windows search
Windows Firewall
General access
Swap file
Error reporting
Remote Assistant
Account control
Reserved storage
Blur effect on login screen
Software Quality Improvement Program
Automatic Windows update
All additional event logs
Program Compatibility Assistant


Framework 4 instead of Framework 3.5
Get full access to files and folders as the owner
Disable collecting data about installed applications
Disable the location of the user
Advertisement ID and advertising are disabled
System monitoring can be turned off by disabling hidden monitoring
nVidia and telemetry windows should be disabled
Removed ‘shields’ from executable files
Prefix ‘shortcut for’ has been disabled

General Info

Windows Version: 11
Build: 21996.1
Language: English
Architecture: 64 bit
File Size: 1.98 GiB
Added DirectX 9.0c
Integrated Visual C ++ 2005-2019
The system was not in audit mode
Organize and compress WinSxS Backups
Installed the Segoe UI Semibold font
Restored standard ‘photo viewer’

What’s New

The design of Windows 11 will be completely overhauled. By introducing a new operating system number, Microsoft can reverse its past claims and ditch Windows 10. An entirely new interface is ideal for this. It has long been rumored that Redmond is preparing an update codenamed Sun Valley (“Sun Valley”). Under this naming, the operating system would have been Windows 11. Microsoft regularly released information regarding the new interface style, insiders shared previously unknown information, and popular designers in their circles sketched realistic concepts based on all this information. • Element of the system and Start menus will float above the bottom bar. It’s the face and calling card of every new version of Windows. It is not surprising that developers will change it again in Windows 11, but less in terms of functionality than in terms of appearance – the Start window will hover above the bottom bar. As a result of this small change, the system now looks much more fresh. Selon information from the network, Microsoft will not make radical changes to the “inside” of the menu – the changes will only affect the appearance of the window. Floating controls will also be available, and their design will be similar to ‘Start’. An action center and control buttons will be combined – a similar feature is used in some other operating systems. A lot of information about this new menu suggests that it will be island-based, with controls located on one panel, notifications on another, and specific elements (like players) on yet another.

As a result, right angles will disappear, being replaced with fillets. Microsoft insiders and concept designers disagree about this – some think Microsoft will maintain its tradition of right angles in 2021, while others think that Microsoft will follow the fashion for fillets. This last option more closely fits the definition of “completely new Windows” – just hovering menus are not enough to qualify as a truly new design. All application windows and context menus should be affected by folders, from context menus and system panels to all application windows. There are different opinions among concept designers on this issue as well – some draw fillets around each possible interface element, while others use right angles.

Already shown is a new font. As with Windows 10, Windows 11 is most likely to use the default responsive Segoe UI Variable font already included in Windows 10 Insider Build 21376. The advantage of using it is that it can be used for small texts as well as large inscriptions. As a result, it differs from standard fonts, which are typically created for either small or large sizes. Currently, Windows 10’s stable version uses Segoe UI font, which is designed for 9pt. It becomes difficult to read in smaller inscriptions, and it looks expressionless in large inscriptions.

The icons for Windows 95 will disappear with the release of Windows 11. It’s true, they are still being used today. Microsoft is transforming the icons used throughout the system. There is more to it than shortcuts to folders, trash cans, and other Explorer icons. The Shell32 directory contains all the icons available. Currently, there are icons from Windows 95, and only recently did Microsoft update their design in one of their Insider assemblies – they will migrate to Windows 11 of course.

There are many functional innovations in Windows 11 – but they are limited in scope. In comparison with its design, the features of the upcoming update are a lot less known. But since Windows 11 and Windows 10X (the canceled OS for weak and foldable devices, whose image has leaked online) were developed concurrently, the latter’s features will probably be included in the former. A camera icon is displayed in the system tray when Windows 11 detects the camera is active.

Technical Setup Details And System Requirments

File Name: Windows 11 Professional Lite
File Installation Name: Windows 11 Professional Lite Version Dev Build 21996.1 include
Setup Size: 1.63 GB
Ram: 4 GB and 12 GB Recommended
HDD: 2 GB For Installation
Display: 1024 x 768
Language: English
Compatibility: 64-Bit download

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