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_wafiapps.com_Tor BrowserOverview Of TB

Tor Browser became created to provide customers with extra privacy as they browse online. Developed via the Tor Project, this browser makes use of the Tor Network to defend your identity and hide your online activity from undesirable eyes.


The Tor Network is a fixed of virtual tunnels that serve to hide your identification via sending visitors thru relays within the network first before sending it immediately to the Internet. Using the Tor Network relay system, Tor Browser is capable of guard its customers’ privateness in ways. First, it will hide a consumer’s hobby from each their Internet provider issuer and any unsecured local connections. Second, a user’s IP deal with will be hidden from internet site operators.

Tor Browser also protects customers from internet site traffic fingerprinting, a practice that attempts to determine a person’s identity and preferences via their surfing conduct. In addition, it erases all surfing history and cookies on the give up of every session.

Security Levels

Tor Browser customers can alter their security levels relying on their preferences. At Standard Level, all Tall Browser and internet site capabilities are enabled and surfing experience isn’t affected in any respect. The Safer level disables JavaScript in a few sites, disables a few symbols and fonts, and stops the automatic playing of audio and video files. Finally, the Safest stage disables JavaScript, snap shots, and extra symbols with the aid of default.

A Real Private Browser

At its highest security stages, Tor Browser may have an effect on surfing revel in because of it disabling important features like Flash and JavaScript. However, those are customizable through the consumer. Tor Browser is certainly a extraordinary preference for everyone who wishes extra privateness online. Its relay system will ensure that your identity is hidden even as shielding your records and pastime from unwelcome onlookers.


File Name : Tor Browser for Windows 9.0.6 for Windows
Requirements : Windows 8,Windows 10,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows XP
Language : English
License : Free
Author : torproject download