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Definitely one of the best retouching panels. Among its 200+ functions are retouching, makeup, color correction, as well as video courses and workflows. With the complete video course provided in the kit, beginners will be able to get a good start in retouching. Workflows are especially useful and walk you through every step. They will provide all the necessary instructions along the way. When you are a pro, Top Retouch Panel will save you time and improve your workability. You can also download Adobe InDesign 2022 Free

Block 1. Basic operations

Liquify – Plastic face shaping and body contouring tool
Insta4*5 – Cropping for 4:5
Cropping to fit 1: 1 for Insta 1*1
Story – Cropping to fit 1080 : 1920
Sh/Highl – Works with shadows and highlights
For Web – Easily save web resources as documents
Save As – Save As’ button
Sv&Cls – Save currently selected file and close window
Image Size – Resize image
Canvas Size – Resize the canvas
Transform – Free transform (image resizing)
Rotate +90 – Rotate 90 degrees clockwise
Rotate -90 – Counterclockwise rotation of 90 degrees
Flip vertically
Flip horizontally

New Doc – Open a new document
Open – Navigate to an existing document
Duplicate – Open a duplicate copy of the document
Dual – Shows a close-up and a general plan simultaneously
Image Mode – Selects a different color space for the document
Bits – Changes the bit depth of the image (8/16/32 bits)
Apply Img – Add an external channel
Filter G – Shows a gallery of filters
С-Raw – Opens Camera Raw

Block 2. Retouch

Stamp – Removes local skin irregularities with a stamp layer
Auto – Smoothes skin texture and tone automatically
Gauss 3 – Retouching of skin texture and tone by a professional
Skin – Skin retouching tool
Gauss 3 – Three-frequency separation function
DBC – Flexible methods of Dodging and Burning using curves
DBO – Dodging & Burning technique that relies on overlays to adjust settings
D – Dodge layer
B – Burn layer

Soft Light – Use the Doge & Burn mode
Overlay – In the “Overlay” mode, apply Doge & Burn
Gray – (Filled with 50% gray) Doge and Burn layer in “Overlay” mode
Median – Separating frequencies using the “Median” method
Low F – Correction of low frequency layers
Soft Skin – Skin that is smoothed gently
Soft Light – Use the “Soft Light” method to highlight and darken
Auto DB – Levels highlights and shadows automatically
Texture – Improving the skin’s texture

Block 3. Makeup

Hair – Flexible settings for hair color correction
Eyebrows – Adding natural thickness and richness
Eyelids – Flexible eyelid color correction
Blusher – Apply blush to cheeks
Lips – Color correction for lips with flexible settings
Tone – Change the color of your skin
Correction: Orange – Orange
Correction: Yellow – Yellow
Correction of red color
Color correction and retouching of iris
Eyelash liner – Lashes
Retouching Tool for Eyes
Automated skin tone correction with Auto Tone
No Pink – Remove Redness
Glow – Tool for adding luminosity
Shine your hair with Hair Light
Color correction in LAB mode – LAB-C
Palettes – Color grading palettes for blush, eyes, lips, hair and face
Makeup – Multifunctional makeup tool

Block 4. Local Tools

Oily shines can be removed with Anti Glare
A fast and easy way to tan
Add contrast by adjusting the settings
Matte – Flexible settings for mating images
Sharpening – Increasing local sharpening (eyes, lips, etc.).
Images are given depth and volume by Volume
With the Natural Color Set, you can whiten your teeth quickly and easily
Brightness – Adjust the brightness
Change the shade of the temperature
Change the contrast
Red – Add the red channel mask
The green channel mask should be added
Adding a blue channel mask to blue
HDR – High Dynamic Range
BLACK AND WHITE – Black and white effect
(Optional) Tint – Color filter
(Optional) Gradient – Gradient filter
Noise – Adds a noise effect
Bokeh – Create bokeh
Vignate – Add the effect of vignetting

Block 5. Workflows

Top Retouch Panel has this feature as one of its best features. During the workflow, each step offers a tool and detailed instructions with examples on how to use it. As a result, you will master the full retouching process. It’s as easy as clicking Next and following the instructions.

Among the workflows offered by Top Retouch Panel are:
Workflow for professional retouching
Workflow for fast retouching
Automated Retouching Workflow
Create a workflow
Workflow for retouching and make up.

Block 6. Color Presets
There are 10 collections of color filter presets in the Top Retouch Panel.

Technical Setup Details And System Requirments

File Name: Top Retouch
File Installation Name: Top Retouch 1.0.9 for Photoshop Full
Setup Size: 3.14 MB
Ram: 512 MB Of RAM
HDD: 80 MB For Installation
Compatibility: 64-Bit
Language: English
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10 download

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