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The Soundiron Kalimba KONTAKT audio processing application helps sound designers and producers create a melodious and percussive plucking sound that has a marimba-like warmth. In addition to its powerful and convenient features, this application features a comprehensive library packed with advanced features that offer a wide range of sound shaping parameters that are all automation-ready in your host environment or in Kontakt’s standalone mode.

The library also provides an adaptive LFO system with output types, rates, intensities, tempo synchs, and rise times. The use of this wonderful instrument is often used along with pianos and other tuned percussion instruments to give the music more life and playfulness. Recordings were done in 3 different environments, such as close in a dry environment, medium distance in a small bright room, and a large, linear hall, with both close and far microphone positions. This program provides an intuitive and flexible multi-layer UI control system that includes LFO, filter, glide, and arpeggiator functions. Additionally, you can control fades, releases, offsets, vibratos, filters, pitches, articulation switching, layering, and more. You can also download Native Instruments ASHLIGHT KONTAKT

Kalimba (KONTAKT) is a powerful application that has a lot of creative tools for producing great sounds. You will find 86 Ambience patches, 20 Sound Design FX presets, and 1,131 Stereo WAV files that you can use to create an incredible movie score, soundtrack, or piece of music. Furthermore, it is equipped with classic phasers, flangers, delays, distortions, amp/cabinet simulators, compressors, EQs, rotators, and more. There is also a wide seletion of carefully sampled PCM wav samples at 24bit/48kHz. Furthermore, it offers an arpeggiator that offers a velocity table and controls for swing, randomization, timing, direction, and duration. Furthermore, the program includes a key and scale lock system to help you compose melodies in specific keys or scales. You’ll also find a full FX rack with convolution reverb, custom rooms, halls, chambers, and FX environments for tons of creative possibilities. In addition, 12 low-pass, high-pass, and FX filters are available. Each filter has its assigned modulation target such as velocity, mod wheel, expression, aftertouch, key position, and step sequencer table control. You can also download AngelicVibes Elysian Serum Bank

Features Soundiron Kalimba KONTAKT

Aids the sound designers and producers to create a pure melody with a marimba-like warmth and tone.
Provides a wide range of sound shaping controls, all of which are fully automated in your host environment or Kontakt’s standalone mode.
Offers selectable LFO shapes, modulation targets, rates, intensities, tempo syncs, and rise times.
Often used alongside pianos and other tuned percussion instruments to add life and energy to the sound.
Contains a flexible and intuitive multi-layered user interface with LFO, filter, glide, and arpeggiator controls.
With this plugin you can control fades, attacks, releases, offsets, vibrato, filters, pitches, articulation switches, layers, and more.
Offers various tools and features to help you make the best tones.
86 Ambience patches, 20 FX presets custom designed by Sound Designs and 1,131 Stereo WAV files.
Create a soundtrack, score, or music piece for your next video game or film.
Features a classic phaser, flanger, delay, distortion, amp and cabinet simulator, compressor, EQ, rotator, and more.
Offering a wide variety of carefully sampled uncompressed PCM wav samples at 24 bit and 48 kHz.
Included is a customizable arpeggiator, offering speed control, timing controls, swing controls, randomization controls and an arpeggio duration control.
Provides a key and scale locking system so that you can restrict notes to specific scales and keys to make melodic composition and live performance easier.
It has a full FX module with convolution reverb and tons of custom room, hall, chambers, and FX environments.
This program provides 12 low-pass, high-pass, and FX filters of your choice, as well as assignable modulation knobs, such as velocity, modifier wheel, expression, aftertouch, and step sequencer table control.

Technical Setup Details Soundiron Kalimba KONTAKT

Software Name: Soundiron Kalimba KONTAKT
Installation File Name:
File Installation Size: 1.4 GB
Installation Type: Offline Installer Or Full Standalone Setup
Compatibility: 32 Bit and 64 Bit
Latest Version Released 27th Sep 2021
Developers: Soundiron

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/Windows 10
RAM Required: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
Processor: Intel Dual Core / higher processor
Kontakt 5.1

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