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Previously known as CrazyTalk Animator, Cartoon Animator 4 is a 2D animation software that combines ease of entry and productivity. You can turn images into animated characters, control characters with your expressions, create lip-sync animation from audio, create 3D parallax scenes, create 2D visual effects, access content resources, and create content in a comprehensive photoshop pipeline quickly and easily. You can also download Reallusion 3DXchange Pipeline 7.23 Free

All New in Cartoon Animator 4

Reallusion’s 2D Character Animation is more precise, powerful and intuitive in this WIP. With the new Smart IK/FK system, not only does the foot switch automatically, but it also makes it easier than ever before to create amazing cartoon animations. Posing with locking end effectors allows you to precisely animate characters while interacting with a scene. Additionally, you can fine-tune the character’s stride or change its motion genre by adapting our motion library’s motion files with different body shapes.

Smart IK (Inverse Kinematic)
Compared to other 2D Animation tools, Cartoon Animator is simple and functional. In IK / FK, the intuitive 2D switch happens invisibly, so the process of posing for animation is fluid and logical.ould be locked for perfect non-sliding foot contact, and the character’s hands should be locked for precise interaction with props.

Easy IK Editing
By moving the hip bone, you can do stretches, squats, and hip rotation.
With easy-locking feet and hands, you can move in any direction you like.
Character end effectors should be positioned precisely for IK interaction.
When editing an animation, you can keep or flip the joint bend direction.

Intuitive Auto IK/FK Switch
IK end effectors can be dragged and moved, while FK joins can be rotated directly.
Edit poses without switching between IK and FK modes.
End Effector Constraints and Effective Range can be maintained in one transform timeline track.
You can set keys only for Selected Body Parts, or only for Full Body Motion Layers.

Stretch Animation
You can freely extend the head, hands, and feet of any character.
Rubber bands stretch midpoint segments such as elbows, waists, and knees.
Stretching can be released and the segment can return to its original length.
Lock hands and feet to stretch neck and torso parts.
Motion Curve for timing control and smooth interpolation of stretch animation.

Precise Scene and Prop Interaction
Interact precisely with scene objects by locking hands and feet.
You can use “Keep End Effort Rotation” to tip your toe or bend your wrist, or use “Keep End Effector Angle” to maintain the angle of your feet on a skateboard or bicycle pedal.
To ensure a character’s elbow or knee always bends in the right direction, use “Keep Bend Direction.”.
Make spider-like crawling movements by locking hands and feet.

Works with All Kinds of Cartoon Characters
Correct animation of backward knee bend for quadrupeds.
Shift+drag to change the length of bones between two bone segments to produce a uniform transform effect, such as the gorilla arm movement.
In the same way, breathing animation & neck-stretching animation have the same effect.
Rotate the end effectors to easily get the dog to sit naturally.

Smart Motion Retargeting
The unique animation feature translates movements automatically to a variety of character styles with different body sizes. With Smart Motion Retargeting, motion files are applied correctly to different body shapes. Characters are aligned according to the motion’s pose regardless of the pose’s initial settings. Innovative animation styles are created.

Adapt Motions to any Character Scale
There will be no more Foot Sliding, Sinking, or Floating problems due to differences in bone size.
All types of template characters worked perfectly with Library Animation.
All Template-based Motions are supported – human bipeds, quadrupeds, wings, spine bones.

Creative IK Motion Varieties
No matter what the initial pose setting is, the character bones are aligned automatically to the Motion Data pose.
For accurate editing of animation, recalculate the character’s Initial Pose Offset.
Change a character’s foot stride or arm reach distance by adjusting the overall Motion Data Scale.
Achieve precise interaction between character and object by adjusting individual End Effector bone ratios.

Create IK Rig
With CTA4’s standardized IK controls, you can create IK-ready 2D animated characters. Furthermore, we have added an Auto IK Rig for Photoshop Imported characters. The Custom Rig GUI now allows users to create a custom GUI for free-bone characters.

Auto IK Rig
Photoshop Template Characters (PSD) with an auto IK rig.
All characters – Humans, Quadrupeds, Wings, Spines.
Presets for Human End Effectors – Toe, Ankle, Finger and Wrist
Select bone segments for IK lock
Free Bone Characters can automatically assign End Effectors, allowing them to have custom IK definitions

Custom GUI
Create a Character Rig GUI by snapping a character with a custom pose.
Create a custom rig image by importing an image file.
Move and place End Effector Locks to achieve the optimal layout.
The user interface displays Bone Size, Segment On/Off.

360 Head Creation
In this WIP 2, Reallusion demonstrates how it breaks through the limitations of 2D Art and gives 2D animators a practical way to create characters with realistic expressions and advanced animation. As a result of the 360 evolution, the timeline system, face key editing, puppeteering, and the head creation workflow are streamlined. Along with the new set of 360 assets and the new professional animation library, users will also be able to convert existing content into 360 heads with a full range of motion.

Quickly Transform a 2D Face into a 3D Head
2D art is transformed into 3D styled characters with up to 360 degrees of motion for a truly immersive performance using 3D Head Creator. For editing multi-angle characters in and out of 3D Head Creator, Photoshop round trip integration is available.

Anchor Nine Head Turn Directions
From Quick Setup, inherit basic angle settings
Turn sprites into perfect 3D shapes by transforming and deforming them
You can choose between two different FFD resolutions: 2*2 (perspective correction) and 5*5.
Creating the illusion of 3D by masking out features outside the face

Smart Designs to Speedup Multi-angle Settings
The angle definition should be copied and pasted
Flip or replace sprites to match angle requirements, or mirror setup from one side to the other
The onion skin – proper placement of sprites with a reference to the neighboring setup
Average – taking the angle setting values from two selected points and averaging them

Add Additional Decorative Items
Other decorative elements can be added in addition to main facial features
The whiskers on the cat and the nose stripe are seamlessly integrated with the parent’s turning head base
By using highlight and shadow layers, a 3D effect can also be created

Free Angle Definition – Up to 360°
In addition to creating a turning head, you can create a full rotation for a simple shaped creature, even a moody bird
Freely set up the character’s look as the head turns by adding angle points
Angle points contain transform, deform, and change data for sprites
The horizontal and vertical angles can be defined in such a way that a perfect 360° can be achieved. There are 25 options for angle points.

Designing 360 Heads with Photoshop Layers
360 Head Creation workflow from PSD to CTA
An angle layer is added to the PSD character template for changing the sprite
Add several layers to emphasize depth, such as a hog’s nose
Use a simple naming rule to build the layer hierarchy,
Create new PSD layers for the 360 angle adjustments using the 360 Head Creator, sending angle definitions to Photoshop.

3D Expression Setup
A new 360 Performance Setup is available for Cartoon Animator
Setup 3D-like expressions by transforming and deforming facial sprites
For extremely smooth facial blendshape animation, turn on Smooth Mode
With Head Turn Gizmo, you can easily control your head movement
Combining the Face Key Editor will result in amazing results!

New Generation of 360 Creative Assets
Create new 360 characters by mixing and matching facial features
Multiple view angles can also be included in dynamic hairstyles and accessories
Combining a 360-degree head and body style for the best Smart IK animation

Editing 360-degree animations and timelines
Head Turn Gizmo – A quick way to layout the speed of an animation using the mouse cursor.
With the Face Key Editor, you can layer up precise facial expressions and adjust them in detail by selecting facial features, selecting expressions from a list, and fine-tuning using muscle morph sliders.
A dynamic head turn is now possible with Face Puppet
To exaggerate the performance of your cartoon, use Transform and Deform

New in Reallusion Cartoon Animator 4: Fixed:

Image blurring occurs when launching characters and props in external PSD editors.
If you use the Sprite Editor to delete a face image, the Content Manager will not save.
It is possible for the program to crash when using the Spine character with the Nub bone.
CTA may crash when importing certain MOV file resolutions.
There is a possibility of a crash when attaching the facial component to the eyes.
Using prop switch in Stage mode may cause a program crash.
Replaced with another character, character disappeared.
The MacOS version does not support hotkeys for copying and pasting.
Removing a character’s head may cause character bones to disappear, possibly leading to a program crash
In Composer Mode, there is a possibility of a crash when adjusting layer order with the talking head.
In MacOS 10.13 version, the character can’t close its eyes when using Face Puppet.
This is a bug reported by a MacOS 12.0 user. Reported by a MacOS 12.0 user, Feedback Tracker 8045 and 8209.
If MP3 files were applied, character voices would be missing.
When the Layer Manager was undocked, layers were not displayed correctly.
When using the preview feature of 360 Head Creator in MacOS, all facial elements would not display.
On MacOS, there is a possibility of a crash when opening the Motion LIVE 2D plugin.
A possible program crash may occur when picking the head bone and creating the character head.
When launching to an external PSD editor using Vector Buddies, the scale was incorrectly positioned.

Technical Setup Details And System Requirments

File Name: Reallusion Cartoon Animator
File Installation Name: Reallusion Cartoon Animator / Resources Pack v4.51.3511.1 Pipeline + Crack
Setup Size: 1.08 GB
Ram: 4 GB Minimum
HDD: 2 GB For Installation
Display: 1024 x 768
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 and Windows 10
Compatibility: 64-Bit download

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