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wafiapps.net_luminar aiLuminar AI Overview

Separately, the developer pays great attention in their descriptions to the Luminar 2018 user interface. According to them, each user can customize it depending on how he works with photos, his level of skill, and his wishes. As a result of this chip, we get software that is customized to suit users of any skill level, which is especially important for photographers, because they often want to accomplish their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can also download ON1 Resize 2022 Free

It is the first software in the world that can adapt to your level of skill without difficulty, according to its authors. Almost all known and popular cameras, along with photo styles, are supported. The difficult process that seemed too difficult earlier has now become a child’s play, of course I’m exaggerating, but the message is roughly the same: the complex has become easy, fast, and accessible to almost everyone. You can also download Capture One 21 Pro Free

Luminar AI Features

When the program is opened, the user will find over 40 filters, each with many settings and divided into different profile groups. Through the use of color, HDR, gradients, noise, and sharpness, you can dramatically transform your photo in minutes.

There are about 100 presets in the editor. The preset filter, in principle, is the same filter, but with ready-made settings. Most users have access to this wealth for a variety of different occasions. Users also fall into different categories.

It integrates most popular photographer’s tools: trimming, cloning (stamping), camouflage brushes, and rubber bands.

Layers have also been taken care of by the developers. Compared to Photoshop, they are not so functional, but for an ordinary amateur photographer they will be sufficient.
RAW is a highly developed engine. The module’s high speed, excellent quality and ability to correct lens color and distortion elevate it to almost professional status.

Luminar 2018 will soon offer a photo cataloguer with support for Lightroom. It is also planned to fully integrate the program with Photoshop as a plugin.

A new LUT setting is implemented in the application. It allows Lightroom users to convert custom workpieces into LUTs that can then be used in Luminar.

Technical Setup Detils Luminar AI

File Name: Luminar AI
INstallation Name: Luminar AI 1.5.1 (8660) Multilingual
Installation Size: 827 MB
OS: Windows 7, 8,Windows 10
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of minimum
Ram: 8 GB Recommended

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