Instagram Hacked? Here’s What You Need to Know


Instagram Hacked? Here’s What You Need to Know

A hacked Instagram account is a scary situation for any user. And this situation is particularly destructive to influencers who have spent full time to get excessive free Instagram likes and make their careers on Instagram. Their personal brand, followers they have worked to gain, and hundreds of unforgettable photos that helped them to get followers on Instagram instantly could be at risk.  However, hacking is an emerging problem, Instagram does not offer an easy solution. Once you have gotten the initial shock of having your Instagram account being hacked, the digital platform sends you through twists with an automated recovery system.

How Instagram’s Process Works

Instagram sends you its help center. Currently, this is the one and only way to contact Instagram for support. If your Instagram is hacked by an unknown and want to control your free Instagram likes, it is not easy to get back. Since there is no phone number, you will submit a support ticket through Instagram’s help center. Unfortunately, Instagram instructions do not always work. The help center forwarded you a list of steps you can take to get back your hacked account, but the toughest part is having a real person read the messages you have submitted.



Multiple people have reported difficulty contacting Instagram support to report a hack. After finding themselves trapped in a loop talking to support center bots, some people have even hired white hatters (hackers that do good) to regain their Instagram accounts and get followers on Instagram instantly. One victim said the help center process went easily, until at the final step when Instagram sent the verification code to the same hackers that hacked the account.

Signs You’ve Been Hacked

The Email of Account Has Been Changed

I receive an email message from Instagram saying the email linked with your account has changed, you may be able to change email again. If not, you will need to contact the Instagram help center and begin their protocols for hacked accounts.

You Cannot Access Your Account

When you struggle to log in, you cannot access your Instagram account. Instagram says; the password is incorrect, but you are confident you did not change. This is another sign that someone accessed your account.

Instagram Sends an Alert

When Instagram Observe login attempt from a new device that is not yours, it sends an alert notification to your email. If you catch in time, you should change all privacy associated with your account (especially password).

How to Avoid Being Hacked

Use the below-mentioned tips to protect your Instagram account.

  1. Don’t Use Your Login on Someone’s device

Don’t log in to your Instagram account on someone’s device. Be careful when approving third-party apps and wristwatches out for phishing schemes or spoofed domains that may be lingering in your inbox.

  1. Keep Your Password Confidential

Never offer your login information or password to anyone you don’t trust.

  1. Change Your Password Often

You should change your passwords if you use them elsewhere. Make sure you set a strong password including letters, numbers, and symbols.

  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram’s Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra step of protection. But careful; it is not completely foolproof. Even if got two-factor authentication, your Instagram can still get hacked. Instagram mentions its own security tips to keep your account safe.


There are steps you should take to keep your account secure and safe. By using these tips as a cautionary measure can protect you and can save you from any security breach.


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