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Upgrade Your iPhone Experience to More Possibilities. Get more control of your iPhone, iPad, iPod, as well as iTunes and iCloud content. Enjoy a much better experience with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, as well as iTunes and iCloud. With AnyTrans, you can sync across iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computer in full-way. Now, it’s as easy as drag-and-drop and one click to accomplish it. Data and files can fly straight to wherever you wish without any hassle. You can also download Advanced SystemCare Pro 15 Free

AnyTrans for iOS Features :

Enjoy free music transfers between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, computer and iTunes. You can export your iPhone songs to your computer or iTunes library. Simply drag your favorite music onto your iPhone without erasing anything. Enjoy your playlists on your new phone. iTunes is now easier than ever before.

Every iPhone photo you take records a memory, and AnyTrans makes sure they stay safe. It automatically and rapidly exports photos to your computer by category, such as Live Photos, Selfies, or albums you create – even converting photos from HEIC to JPG if needed. You can then batch delete the photos that have been safely backed up from your iPhone, freeing up space.

Keep your contacts and messages list clean by removing old ones. Back up important ones. Alternatively, move them to your new iPhone to make sure you are always connected.

Downloading, installing, updating, removing, and managing iPhone/iPad apps and app data is easy from your computer. App files can even be shared seamlessly between your iPhone and computer.

Your WhatsApp/LINE/Viber chats and files are always within reach with AnyTrans. The process of moving them to a new iPhone or creating a backup of your data is as easy as a click.

Using your iPhone as a USB flash drive, you can save files and documents. AnyTrans iOS app allows you to browse these files directly from your iPhone, and preview or share them.

Do you have a new iPhone? Keep it warm with your sweet memories. Whatever your current phone is, AnyTrans migrates all your essentials with one click – photos you shot, music you listened to, contacts you kept, messages you saved, anything you need. It is even possible to move apps and app data at the same time. You do not have to download apps manually any longer. What about your old phone? It can permanently wipe everything on it, protecting your private information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

It is important to keep a complete and up-to-date backup in order to safeguard against data loss. Now AnyTrans offers a more comprehensive iPhone backup solution, as well as more flexible restore options. In this way, you are guaranteed to get back your valuable data in an easy, quick and preferred manner.

ICloud, the innate companion of iOS devices, is indispensable but complicated for the majority of users. No worries now. With AnyTrans, you can manage iCloud files the same way you do them locally with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. This feature allows you to view and extract iCloud backups, delete old files, batch save photos to the computer, link iCloud accounts seamlessly, etc. Apple’s encryption algorithm ensures your privacy is protected in every step.

By breaking iTunes restrictions, AnyTrans gives you a better sync experience. In addition to transferring music and videos from iTunes library to iPhone, two-way transfers can be used to rebuild damaged iTunes libraries by exporting songs and playlists from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Nothing has been erased. You can therefore enrich your iPhone music library by adding music from multiple iTunes libraries.

AnyTrans for iOS Technical Details:

Software Name: Altium Designer
Installation Name: AnyTrans for iOS v8.9.2.20211021 (x64)
File Size: 201.29 MB

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